Thread with and without attached needle (20-120cm)

Individual tight packaging.
It is a resistant aluminum sheet with PPE on the inside which provides a perfect conservation thanks to its airtight and impermeable properties. A strip of embossed anti-slip dots allows easy opening in compliance with hygiene and sterility. The identification on the pockets is easy and structured. The c-tec foilpacks are synonymous with optimal handling and maximal safety.

Threads without needle on "butterflies" (120-350 cm)

Thread wound up on "butterflies".
Individual sealed packaging containing thread without needle in lengths ranging from 120 to 350 cm. This package offers individual solutions.


Additional protective packaging of the short thread packs

  • Cardboard box with polypropylene film containing 12 foil-packs, with reinforced or without needle (20 - 120 cm)
  • Cardboard box with polypropylene film containing 10 foil-packs  without needle on "butterfly" (120 - 350 cm)



The stand for threads on "butterfly"

The support is designed for 4 "butterflies" and allows to insert the butterflies in one handgrip. It is easy to handle, light and stable. Made of stainless steel and is therefore suitable for sterilization.