Sutures material of high standards

When Prodivet pharmaceuticals launched their surgical suture line in 1983 it was manifest that for this type of products a continuous research and development would be necessary in order to comply with the steadily increasing demands of the market and the new European regulations.

According to the motto "quality first" Prodivet pharmaceuticals decided, as from the beginning, to implement the quality parameters applicable in human medicine which proved to be a far-sighted decision which, in the meantime, was confirmed by the fact that the European standards for veterinary surgical suture were adapted to those for human application.

A continuous update of the range, as well as the ongoing and efficient optimization of the products have led to a complete range of high-quality, sophisticated sutures.

In addition to the quality of the respective raw material and its processing according to the most modern methods, the packaging convinces with quality and sophistication to provide hygienic and efficient use.

In view of enlargement of its range of surgical suture material and the preparation of the Pan-European marketing, Prodivet pharmaceuticals standardizes the denomination of its sutures under the own brand name c-tec.