gebaeude_innen-(1).jpgProdivet pharmaceuticals is a Belgian company specialized in research, development and distribution of innovative veterinary products for livestock and companion animals.
From the beginning of its activity in this area, more than 30 years ago, Prodivet pharmaceuticals attached much importance to placing the specialist of animal health, the veterinary surgeon, at the centre of its interests.
Close collaboration with universities and veterinary practitioners as well as the concern to ensure a high quality of its products resulted in Prodivet pharmaceuticals being a unique enterprise whose main objective is “to be in touch with those who care”.



  • 1983 Foundation of Prodivet pharmaceuticals s.a./n.v.
  • 1983 Acquisition of the company Vetraco
  • 1987 Acquisition of the Veterinary Department of the company Certa, prominent for their antibiotics on Colistin basis.
  • 1989 Acquisition of the company Vetopharma
  • 1991 Prodivet pharmaceuticals complies with the GMP norms (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • 1991 Foundation of the German subsidiary Prodivet pharmaceuticals GmbH
  • 1997 Prodivet pharmaceuticals complies with the GLP norms (Good Laboratory Practices)
  • 2001 Launch of c-tec, own brand of surgical threads,
  • 2002 Prodivet pharmaceuticals complies with GCP norms (Good Clinical Practices)
  • 2006 Prodivet pharmaceuticals complies with GDP norms (Good Distributing Practices)
  • 2011 Launch of a new diagnostic test line under the brandname test-it


Prodivet pharmaceuticals focuses on the expansion of its product range registered in Europe and the registration of veterinary specialties according to European standards.

The scientific training of its sales representatives is the guarantee that Prodivet pharmaceuticals meets the expectations of its customers with regard to service and information. In addition, Prodivet pharmaceuticals provides the distribution of its products abroad (Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Austria...) via partnerships with authorized companies

Another field of activities of Prodivet pharmaceuticals is the provision of services and the execution of clinical, toxicological, pharmacokinetic and residue studies. As a holder of various validated methods and procedures Prodivet pharmaceuticals has a great flexibility in the choice of the laboratories or institutes that perform this work. Prodivet pharmaceuticals focuses on increased exports as well as working more closely with its partners in order to share common know-how and to succeed in getting European registrations at reasonable prices.