Besides a good quality of the thread, A good thread suture material of high quality requires adequate packaging. The cassettes of 50 m and 60 m are packaged in a c-tec type box with a hinged lid and an exclusive sealing plug integrated in the cover to slow down the hydrolysis of the thread in the cassette and thus the premature resorption . The cassette contains a device acting as a brake which adapts to the tensile force of the user ensuring proper unrolling of the thread without tangling in the cassette. The cassette shows a wide base to offer a stable placement


Supplementary protective packaging of cassettes

  • The catgut and the non absorbable synthetic thread are packed under polypropylene
  • Cassettes with resorbable synthetic suture in an airtight aluminum packaging

Supplementary protective packaging of foilpacks

  • Cardboard box with polypropylene film containing 12 foilpacks with and without attached needle (20-120cm)
  • Cardboard box with polypropylene film containing 10 foilpacks without needle rolled on a "butterfly" (120-350 cm)
  • Device for holding the “butterflys” . The support is designed for 4 "butterflies" and to insert the butterflies. It is easy to handle, light and stable. Made of stainless steel is resistant to sterilization

The cassette holder

The cassette holder is designed for 4 cassettes to insert in a jiffy. It is easy to handle, light and stable. Thanks to the inclined position of the cassettes, any contamination of the cassette when handling is avoided. Made of stainless steel and resistant to sterilization.

The c-tec cassettes have been studied and continually improved to provide

  • optimal protection
  • excellent maniability
  • quality assurance when using