c-tec CATGUT chromic

c-tec CATGUT chromic

  • Absorbable, coated surgical suture
  • Cassettes


c-tec CATGUT chromic is produced from the submucosa of the sheep gut or the serosa of beef gut.  A special manufacturing process secures the extraction of gut strands of highest collagen purity. These are twisted, dried and then calibrated electronically to a uniform diameter.

c-tec CATGUT chromic is manufactured according to a special manufacturing process: the gut strands are thoroughly tanned before twisting. This way a complete tanning of the entire thread is reached, not only the surface of the thread. This process gives the thread an optimal time of absorption.


c-tec CATGUT chromic distinguishes itself through constant diameter and tensile strength. The suppleness of the thread is granted by an alcohol preservation solution which facilitates a precise knotting and safe knotting. The degradation of the c-tec CATGUT chromic threads takes place through enzymatic proteolysis. The resorption time of c-tec CATGUT chromic is somewhat longer than for c-tec CATGUT plain.  The thread remains for approx. 2 weeks in the tissue before a slow resorption starts..


Approximation of soft tissues and ligatures. Low tissue Reaction and protect from light and moisture.


Not to be used for sutures which undergo long-term mechanical tension. Not to be used in nervous tissues or in sutures of the blood circulation system. Not to be used in case of known hypersensitivity to collagen.


Store at ambient temperature (+10 °C à +25 °C) in the original packaging.


USP EP lenght (m)

c-tec CATGUT chrome cassettes


EP 6

60 m


EP 7

50 m