test-it IgG FOAL

test-it IgG FOAL

  • Diagnostic kit to determine the titer of immunoglobulines type G (IgG) in newborn foal
  • Boxes with 5 tests


Foals are in hypo-gamma-globulinema at birth. It is imperative that they drink and assimilate the mare’s colostrum for protection. This protection against pathogens consists largely in the foal’s intestinal absorption of the maternal Ig during the first hours after birth. This is the principle of transfer of passive immunity, essential to the survival of the foal.

Test Objective

The objective of this test is to determine the titer of maternal antibodies in the newborn foal. The IgG level is measured by immunochromatography solid phase (nitrocellulose) and is based on a semi-quantitative detection in foal’s whole blood, serum or plasma.

Characteristics and benefits of the test-it

  • display box
  • rapid diagnosis: immunochromatography in one-step (LFI)
  • result exclusively between 5 and 10 minutes
  • storage and use at room temperature
  • 5 tests per box without expensive equipment required
  • high quality material, entirely produced and controlled at the same manufacturing site, which increases the sensitivity and specificity of the test.