The Leitmotif « quality » commits Prodivet pharmaceuticals not only to respect the GMP, GLP, GCP and GDP standards but also to act in the veterinary surgeon’s and animal health’ interest.

A dynamic team of veterinary surgeons and pharmacists supports the company in the achievement of its targets. In addition to the careful selection of raw materials Prodivet pharmaceuticals performs a maximum of studies and reasearch in order to offer its clients sophisticated products with maximum efficiency.

Therefore customers may be assured that the products are based on thorough scientific studies and that they are of high quality. They meet not only the legal quality guidelines but also those Prodivet pharmaceuticals imposes itself.


Veterinary medicine has not only a direct influence on the health and well-being of animals but is also critical to human health and well-being. Indeed the animals whose milk or meat are destined for human consumption have a direct impact on the health of human beings. Note also that the well-being of pets strongly influences the psychological state of their owners. From its earliest days Prodivet pharmaceuticals is synonymous with a responsible and mindful use of drugs in both small and large animals, by adhering to the motto: "as little as possible and as much as necessary" - which involves the implementation of the best associations and manufacturing methods.

Thus, not only the choice of active substances, but also careful choice of excipients is essential. Veterinary surgeons are aware of their great responsibility in this area and may be assured that they make the right choice with Prodivet’s premium quality products


Prodivet pharmaceuticals is aware of the difficult task of veterinary surgeons who, in addition to the respect for the interests of the animal’s owners, must assume their responsibility towards the animal and society by acting in a professional and conscientious manner.
For this reason Prodivet pharmaceuticals endeavours not only to provide adequate products and tools but also to favour good relations with all its customers. Excellent service, easy assistance and information and quick advice on the part of Prodivet pharmaceuticals are advantages that vets can benefit from.

Sustainable development

Prodivet pharmaceuticals attaches great importance to the “one-health” concept which is synonymous to a deeper correlation between human medicine and veterinary medicine and strives to strengthen the stability of the ecological system by avoiding zoonotic diseases, by preventing residues and contamination of animal products and by ensuring the effectiveness of the drugs.